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There and Back again [02 Mar 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Holy Crap...I dont know what got into me, but I just got the Urge to write in my journal. Well I do know actually what made me think of the journal....kinda a long story but I will try to keep it brief!
Well I was talking to Jess and we were remembering freshmen year here at USD. A friend of hers from home that came here hated it after one semester and left. I dont think that one semester here at USD is enough time for you to decide if you like it or not. Well the point is, I know that I could not have made it if it weren't for Megan, Terez and Regina! I was this whimppy little girl, and Megan and Terez helped me to over come that image. SO thanks. I dont know if you will ever get a chance to read this Megan or Terez but thanks.
Well hope all is well with everyone in Scripps!

2got caught up in|the magic of it all ♥

Back again [09 Dec 2004|06:44am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Finals are coming and I am trying to stay calm. There has been so much that has happened to me since I last updated!! I am such a slacker! Ugh I really need to work on that.
Maybe you just want to hear that I am alive...well Last time I checked Yeah..I am good. I didnt even get sick this year, awesome!
I get on this live journal but dont update, I sometimes get bummed because I remember all the little things that we would laugh about on here. Just little inside jokes. But times change verdad? No worries
But hey I am up for a chat, I hope that all is well with you all
And if we dont get a chance to talk anytime soon MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

2got caught up in|the magic of it all ♥

I found Him [22 Sep 2004|11:58pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Well I dont know how to put this in words. But I am going to try my BEST.
I dont know if you guys were aware, but I never knew my real dad. I never knew his full name. All I knew is that his name was Tim. I have never seen a picture. I look in the mirror sometimes and wonder where my blue eyes came from, and where the dimples in my smile came from. I ask the questions, " Will I ever meet him? Is he happy? Will he want to know me? Is he still alive?"

Monday morning I found my dad. I found out his last name, and looked him up. My mom finally told me. I found the High school he graduated from, and I know where he is now. I still have not seen a picture yet. But I know that he is happy, he lives in California and has a older brother, and a younger sister.
As I got this info, all these emotions ran over me like nothing i have ever experienced. All i could think was...he is real, he is alive. I dont know what I am going to do next. I really want to contact him, but i dont want to turn his world upside down. I dont know what to do. I wish that there was a easy way, and I wish that I could be promised that I wont get hurt, but I cant. I am tired of getting hurt. Things are finally going right in my life and I dont know if I am ready for this. I am feeling a little lost, but I know that I will do the right thing. My mom told me not to contact him....but that is my choice to make and no one elses. I dont know what to think, or say. What do you say to a man that is a part of you and yet he never knew it? How can i put into words everything that i have wondered about him? How do i tell him that I have loved him my whole life?
What ever happens, happens and honestly I can not wait to see, I know that it is going to be rough but I think that it will all be worth it.

Real Life, Real Fun, Real Me

1got caught up in|the magic of it all ♥

Good day To Write [16 Sep 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | determined ]

There were a lot of moments in my day today that stood out to me. For one it was my Bro's Birthday, he turned 17!! Dude...that is even hard to type let alone say. I called him and it was so great to hear his voice. I wish that I could have been there just to give him a HUG! It is difficult sometimes to not cry when I talk to my mom or any of my brothers. But I managed to make it through the phone call and I must say that I deseve a pat on the back!! I am so emotional sometimes!!
Lets see what else happen... I had a nice time talking on the phone with my Aunt, and she said she had some bad news about the NHL...my heart sank, and she would not tell me over the phone. Oh geez keep me in suspense!
The bad news of the day was that my professor, the one that i went and did research with in Costa Rica said that there were some problems with the data that we collected! That is the last thing that I wanted to hear!!
Everyday I feel like I am getting closer and closer to getting to know me, and my potential!! That is a huge step, I know for a fact that since I have been at USD I have become a better well rounded person. Dont get me wrong, I still have plenty of things to work on, but hey i am getting there.
The good news is I did not lose my bet! I dont have to buy KINGS tickets!!
I went and heard a Lady by the name of Dolores Huerta speak here on campus today. It was awesome, Regina and I were the only ones from our hall who went and I am glad that we did, she was such a strong woman, and has accomplished so much.
I think that I have written far to much, and I am sure that you have lost interest, if you haven't you have problems!! Or just really bored and have nothing better to do. But I do hope that this was not too much of a waste.
Night! Thanks for reading!

~*~ Real Life, Real Fun, Real Me

the magic of it all ♥

Starting up again [31 Aug 2004|01:31pm]
Well I am back in San Diego, so what better thing to do then write in my journal. I have missed it I really must say. I dont know why it is San Diego that makes me want to write in it but hey.
Well i moved into my new dorm on Sunday evening. I walked up to what I thought was my room and there was a "Womens restroom" sign on it, and then I knew it was the place. Reg had put it up, the door was opened so i entered. I then looked around and there was no one. I said hello and then I saw Regina! We both screamed then ran up to each other and hugged!!
Then Kelly came out and I got another hug.
They helped my family and I carry stuff inside and that was awesome...like "O" team again but better!
Then I settled in and went out to dinner with my family before they made the trip back home.
That was nice and the food was yummy.
When I left my house on sunday I did not feel like I was leaving for good, but i was i really was, i am going to miss my puppy following me every where...but I will not miss her fur every where!
The weather is nice, and we have a awesome view of mission bay from our own personal balcony! And what is even better is that we can see the Sea World fire works go off from our balcony as well! GOing to be a great year, I can tell already!
My family is coming for labor day weekend so that will be fun! They are bringing more of my things.
My fellow roommates and I have already got into trouble, one of our screens popped out...that was a ordeal, and then there was the furniture and moving it all around...dont ask.
Met my new RA and he seems cool, his name is Cian and I think he will be pretty lay back. He has to deal with some freshmen and I think we will be the least of his problems.
But other than that....ohh Lejon is like 2 buildings down from where we live...oohh JOY!!!
Talked to Teresa and she was bummed about not coming back, I was looking forward to seeing her!! I tried to call megs but had to leave a message. Hope all is well!!

~~ Real life. Real Fun. Real Me. ~~
2got caught up in|the magic of it all ♥

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